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How to Build a Passivhaus UK Knowledge Base

The UK Passivhaus Knowledge Base is a new database that has been developed by the Passivhaus Trust. It acts as a unique reference source about products, systems and approaches that have been used on certified Passivhaus buildings.

The information included in the database has been written and peer-reviewed by leading experts in the industry. It is connected to and initially based upon the ‘How to build a Passivhaus' guidance document that was first published by the Passivhaus Trust in April 2015.

Comment, rate and submit your own content

The Passivhaus Knowledge Base aims to create and build a community based on the learning and exchanging of information. Passivhaus Trust members are able to interact, comment and submit their own Guidance Notes, Rules of Thumb, examples and case studies. Register for a user account today.

List your Passivhaus products

A new Passivhaus products section has been added to the Knowledge Base, providing a unique reference source of products and systems which are suitable for use in Passivhaus developments. Manufacturers who list their products on the knowledge base will benefit in a number of ways:

  • Promote your Passivhaus specific products to the ever-growing Passivhaus community in the UK

  • Help to further develop an extensive source of reference and knowledge base authored and peer-reviewed by industry experts

  • Link your products to specific case studies to showcase how and why they were used

How much does it cost?

  • 1-5 products: £300+VAT per product

  • 6-10 products: £275+VAT per product

  • 11-20 products: £250 +VAT per product

To get your products listed, please contact Kym Mead at


Passivhaus Trust members can also access Passipedia which is home to freely available introductory information, in addition to members-only access to more in depth sections. PHT members can log-in to both Passipedia and the associated International Passive House Association (iPHA) Forum by signing up with their iPHA user name and password, which was sent to you when you first became a member of the Trust.