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So you have heard about the fantastic benefits of the Passivhaus standard and would like to build your own but don’t don’t know where to start? This section highlights useful guides, events, links and projects to start you off on your Passivhaus journey.

Read our intro guides

Passivhaus goes PersonalPassivhaus goes Personal

Discover why building to Passivhaus is good for you! A short video and brochure boast the many benefits that Passivhaus can bring. We’ll let you into a secret... Its not just about energy efficiency.

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Passivhaus an introduction

Passivhaus: an Introduction

This introductory guide provides an overview of the Passivhaus standard, how it can be achieved, how to get started and looks at 12 certified Passivhaus projects across the UK.

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Why Choose Passivhaus

Why Choose Passivhaus?

This publication aims to address some of the questions and misconceptions that have been raised around Passivhaus, and to encourage developers and others to consider Passivhaus. It covers questions focusing on ‘Why to choose Passivhaus’ as opposed to other approaches, and includes information about: costs, complexity, aesthetics, air quality, overheating, materials, embodied energy and usability.

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Speak to a Passivhaus expert

In order to become a certified Passivhaus designer, architects and engineers must undertake a robust training programme culminating in a rigorous exam.

A certified designer will have been tested in many areas of Passivhaus design including fundamentals and technical theory, construction methods and detailing, building services, design and PHPP.

Find a Passivhaus designer or consultant in your area with our new members map.

Get into the detail

How to build a Passivhaus: Rules of thumbHow to build a Passivhaus: Rules of thumb

This publication highlights the key aspects of designing to the Passivhaus standard and the do's and don'ts on how to successfully build a Passivhaus. 

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The Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP)

PHPP is a design tool produced by the Passivhaus Intitut for use by building architects and designers. PHPP incorporates the energy specifications for quality-approved Passivhaus buildings from the Institut in a manual and cd-rom. The latest version, PHPP v8 is available to buy now at a discounted rate for PHT & AECB members. Click here for more information.


Thinking of a Passivhaus Retrofit?

The EnerPHit standard has been specifically designed for retrofitting. It offers more relaxed airtightness and space heating demands which can be very difficult to achieve for refurbishments to the strict Passivhaus Standards. An introduction to the standard can be found here, but for the most up to date information refer to the EnerPHit certification criteria.

Examples of certified EnerPHit projects can be found in our Project Gallery


Visit a Passivhaus

The annual UK Passivhaus Open Days event is a great opportunity for the public to visit Passivhaus buildings and learn from those with first-hand experience and knowledge of occupying, constructing or designing Passivhaus projects. The 2016 event had over 20 Passivhaus buildings participating across the UK. The event takes place every November. Click here for more information.


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