Passivhaus Affiliate

Standard Members

Fadsha Energy Ltd


Fairshade Limited



FBN Passivhaus Ltd



FCD Architecture


Tony Godwin founded FCD Architecture in North London in 2004. The practice is now based in the Rutland village of Whitwell and works, in the main, within a 30 miles radius of the office. The first letters of the practice name are taken from the three essentials of architecture established by Sir Henry Wotton in his 1624 treatise on the architecture of the English country house – F irmness, C ommodity and D elight.


Field Green Design


Field Green Design is a Sustainable Building Consultancy; specialising in creating healthy + efficient homes. They aim to not only limit household emissions and to reduce construction waste, but to also enhance building occupant health & well-being; specifically creating homes that meet the occupants needs, whilst also reducing the operational costs of running a home and limiting the negative effects buildings can have on our planet.


Fielden Ltd


Passivhaus designer


Four Walls


A multi-disciplinary practice that specialises in building performance evaluation, spanning from single project technical support through to industry-wide research. Four Walls aims to effect positive change in building practices and standards; to help close the performance gap between the predicted and actual energy use; and to help ensure the built environment is a healthy place for people.


Frazer Garner Associates Ltd


Frazer Garner Associates was established April 1996 as a family practice to provide predominantly employers agent services to developers, housing association and local authority clients across the South/South West of England. We are currently working with one local authority on a Passivhaus scheme of 3 units. We understand on a number of further projects we are working on with this client that they may be seeking for these to also be constructed for Passivhaus standard and we will be actively encouraging our other social housing clients to meet Passivhaus Standards.