Passivhaus Affiliate

Standard Members

Hanse Haus GmbH

With more than 80 years experience in quality pre-manufactured SIP building construction and more than 30,000 houses built throughout Europe, including the first certified Passive Houses, HANSE HAUS offer a Start2Finish service


Hawkes Edwards and Cave


Founded in 1955 by Tony Cave-Browne-Cave the practice developed with his partners Ken Collins and Will Hawkes. Since then we have undertaken almost every sort of building project, but we specialise in one-off commissions, with a strong emphasis on traditional bespoke projects, creative and original design, with the occasional contemporary building to spice things up. Much of the practice's work is on listed buildings, with these specialist projects as far apart as Edinburgh and London. We value careful and conservative repair, and we also believe that the alteration and reuse of these buildings is best informed and inspired within a strong design environment. The Practice Principal is Trevor Edwards The design staff are lead by Associate Andrew Warner, assisted by senior staff Greg Bicknell and Martin Kennard.


Hawton Mead Sustainable Design


Hawton Mead provides a complete range of sustainability services for homeowners and professionals, from energy assessments, advice and information, to in-depth consultancy, training and support. With a unique mix of in-depth technical know-how and creative design skills, we don’t just make buildings more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly: we also make them more comfortable and practical. Based in Brighton, Sussex, we specialise in housing and mixed-use developments, new and old, including heritage properties. Our multidisciplinary team is led by Maria Hawton-Mead, an experienced and highly-qualified sustainability consultant. We offer a professional but friendly working relationship, developing tailor-made solutions to suit individual circumstances and budgets, with Maria’s experience of retrofitting her own home giving her added insight into the client’s perspective. We firmly believe that the best route to long-term sustainability is to maximise energy efficiency, though we also have wide-ranging expertise in renewable technologies to meet residual needs. As a certified PassivHaus consultancy, we design and assess homes using the PassivHaus principles and planning package, as well as delivering continuous professional development (CPD) training in PassivHaus design.


Haydn Bennett Chartered Architect



Hempsec Ltd


Hempsec Ltd. is the research subsidiary of Greencore Construction. Hempsec is involved in a 3 year, EU funded research project with Bath University to commercialise high performance, low embodied carbon building panel systems using hemp, lime and timber. Our work involves designing, thermal modelling, carbon auditing and post occupancy evaluation of buildings constructed by Greencore. We have two Passiv Haus trained members of the team (Ian Pritchett and Gabriela Lavatelli). We are also involved in developing our own design guide, services strategy and performance standards to combine the PH standard with the 2016 zero-carbon standard AND low embodied carbon using natural materials.


Herz & Lang GmbH


Herz&Lang GmbH - The designers for energy efficient buildings. The Company is situated near Munich, specialized in zero carbon standards with both new and old buildings. Dieter Herz started with Low Energy Buildings in 1995 and designed the first Passivhaus constructed in Bavaria 1998. Herz&Lang was founded in 2002. The foundation of the company was the early entry into the Passivhaus market. The company has long term experience in relation to overall design of buildings and quality assurance. This led to a steady developed knowledge about Passivhaus certification standards in residential nonresidential buildings and refurbishments (EnerPHit).v With this special knowledge the company started with their Passivhaus consulting services in 2005 and accompanied certified Passivhaus buildings with a summary of buildings costs reaching in 2013 over 400 million euro in several countries, with a diverse range of focused teams and clients. The company is also accredited with Passivhaus Certification.


HLM Architects



HM Architecture


HM Architecture is a client focused chartered architectural practice based in Kendal, Cumbria on the edge of the Lake District. Partner and Chartered Architect, Mark Deverill, is a Certified Passive House Designer and Chartered Architectural Technologist. The logical fabric first approach of Passive House sits comfortably with our design approach and company ethos, where simplicity, practicality and aesthetics combine.