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Gerrards Cross

Our services are broad and detailed - we will help with any aspect of your build, from finding the best architect that suits you, to our TotalBuild and ManagedBuild services that insulates you from the difficult and time-consuming aspects of building so you can concentrate on the design elements that make it your own. For a more detailed look, go to SERVICES. Our products marry advanced technologies in areas such as thermal and acoustic insulation while using traditional wood based materials which are high performance and carbon zero or better.


Beattie Passive


The Beattie Passive Build System is a patented construction method that provides a continuous insulation seal around the core of a timber framed structure. Using Passivhaus energy efficiency principles, the double-layered insulation system is housed within a treated timber structure and delivers dramatic cost, time and environmental benefits. Adaptable to any shape/design of building the Beattie Passive construction method exceeds Passivhaus standards and is set to revolutionise the way we build today. As a company we offer a design only and a structural build service.


Comfort Being Ltd


Glatthaar-Fertigkeller Ltd


Lower Level Higher Living. Cold, dark and damp basements are a thing of the past, Glatthaar introduces their basement concept providing warm, bright and spacious living comfort. For over 30 years we have specialised in all aspects of basement construction. We focused on developing "intelligent" basements which will always add value to your home. Over 2.500 basements a year proves that our concept works. We have developed the most technologically advanced off site manufacturing process in the industry. Combined with our on-site installation techniques, we confidently offer clients the most effective basement with the fastest on side built time. Naturally with our concept we are able to deliver a construction that meets (and excels) the Passive Standard U-Value of 0,15.


Green Unit Ltd


The arc-haus from Green Unit is a unique modular hi-tech structure using sustainable materials and processes. It exceeds the latest building regulations for domestic and public use and has adopted passiv-haus principles in its manufacture. The arc-haus is designed for home and business use with many different sizes and internal layout configurations. Green Unit Ltd is a company committed to ecological and ethical principles from its design and construction concepts to the way it procures its materials and treats its employees and suppliers.


Greenheart Sustainable Construction Ltd


Greenheart have been building beautiful, sustainable homes as principal or main contractor for over twenty years. From domestic extensions to groundbreaking newbuild Passive Houses, each project is unique and built to the highest standards. With a solid reputation in the Bristol area for excellence in green building, we place emphasis on training our workers and clear communication with clients.


Hanse Haus GmbH

With more than 80 years experience in quality pre-manufactured SIP building construction and more than 30,000 houses built throughout Europe, including the first certified Passive Houses, HANSE HAUS offer a Start2Finish service


Insulated Floors Ltd


Isoquick Foundations are the perfect start for any Passivhaus scheme. Isoquick is a patented, Passivhaus certified, and engineered solution to providing highly insulated and thermal bridge free building foundations. Designed to work with a range of walls systems, including timber frame, ICF, masonry with EWI and Porotherm, Isoquick is equally suited to large commercial projects to one off units. For more information and updates visit us on:


Naked House Ltd


A naked house is a pre-fabricated timber frame, fully functioning ultra low-energy building, up to Passivhaus standard. Our building system can accomodate almost any design of house and is constructed in a modular fashion. The naked house method enables all builders to deliver a successful Passivhaus construction for outstanding value. Combining the expertise of the award winning teams at Princedale Ecohaus and GreenSteps, naked house Ltd was formed in 2015 to deliver an outstanding Passivhaus construction package. The naked house package consists of a pre-fabricated timber frame system, including all the structural calculations and drawings, technical design work, heating, hot water and ventilation systems to deliver the assembled building as fully operational. Electrical ducting, plumbing systems and ventilation pipe runs are pre-installed into the wall panels to reduce site time and improve quality.


Natural Building Technologies (NBT)



Passive Schools