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Crossway Passivhaus

Location: Staplehurst, Kent
Completion Status: Completed February 2009 Occupancy: Occupied since February 2009
Architect: Richard Hawkes Consultant: Scott Wilson & Cambridge University; Newform Energy; Ian Theoboldt; Mark Saich
Contractor: Ecolibrium Solutions Client: Mr & Mrs Hawkes
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Crossway demonstrates beyond any doubt that designing aPassivhaus need not inhibit an architect's creative expression.

“The efficient parabolic form and its scary thinness stick two fingers up at the laws of theUniverse and suggest that big heavy things like buildings can float. It's one of the greatillusions of architecture, pulled off here with utter bravado”

Kevin McCloud – Grand Designs

Externally Crossway is finished in a palette of local clay and timber. Theselocal natural materials instil this iconic structure with a strong Sense of Place.The arch supports a native wild-flower meadow roof in over 100 tons of soilyet is only 120mm thick and spans 20m and is 9m high.The vault is exposed internally, soaring as though somehow defying gravity.It's thermal mass provides thermal resilience and the clay's hygroscopicproperties help maintain a healthy internal environment.Various waste materials have been cleverly incorporated into the constructionhelping to ensure that the environmental impact of the building is minimised.

Over 4 years of monitoring in collaboration with University of Cambridge haveshown Crossway's Primary Energy consumption to be 54.59kWh/m2/annum with aheating load of 14.82kWh/m2/annumCrossway is a living, breathing research project which is continuing to helptest and develop new techniques and technologies.It’s also a healthy and inspiring family home !In addition to the usual Passivhaus technologies, a look 'under the bonnet' ofthis project reveals some pioneering credentials including; an experimentalPhase Change Thermal store linked to the UK's first PV-T system, PCM thermal mass board, extensive building physics & resource monitoring,vacuum insulation, voltage optimisation and even appliances sourced by nothaving built in obsolescence.

“The house is flooded with daylight, the spaces are breathtaking, the air quality isfabulous and I love feeling so connected to the outside landscape. Crossway is betterthan my wildest dreams and costs minus £400 a year to run! Who wouldn't love that!”

Sophie Hawkes

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