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From bitesize intros to professional qualifications and advanced development training – here we outline some Passivhaus training pathways.

PHT Education Strategy

The UK Passivhaus Trust is on a mission! To increase Passivhaus training with ambitions to train at least 50% of the construction industry to deliver Passivhaus or equivalent standards by 2030 or before.

Passivhaus Trust objectives

Passivhaus training in the UK is currently booming to meet current demand. If Passivhaus buildings are to become the norm, training provision must both broaden in scope and significantly increase reach. Furthermore, training delivery is constantly evolving, and future training must reflect this. Our new Education Steering Group will develop this in detail over the coming months.

A range of Passivhaus training is available to UK-based professionals and individuals, from bitesize introductions to professional qualifications and advanced training. Here, we outline some options available now or 'coming soon'. Whether you are a designer, builder, policy maker or curious homeowner, there is a course to suit your desired skills and knowledge level.


Certified training & how to get qualified?

Passivhaus certification is globally recognised and ensures you are expertly qualified to design high-performance, highly efficient buildings. Passivhaus cer­ti­fic­ates and seals are meant for per­son­al use only. Qualifications apply to individuals and are available for the following people:

  • Tradesperson

  • Designer/ Consultant*

  • Certifier

* Surveyors may be interested in the additional consultant qualification of construction verifier. 

Certified Passivhaus Designer Graduate Testimonial

Ad­di­tion­al train­ing to the De­sign­er / Con­sult­ant or Trades­per­son cer­ti­fic­ates are available via new seals. They are used in con­junc­tion with the as­so­ci­ated main per­son­al cer­ti­fic­ate, as il­lus­trated be­low.

The Trust is working on Passivhaus training or campaigns for groups such as clients, developers, & planners. Please see PHT training.

Passivhaus Institute Overview of Qualifications & PHT endorsed courses

Several course providers offer certified designer and or certified tradesperson courses in the UK. Qualifications must be renewed every five years, and retaking the exam is not an option. The cer­ti­fic­ate can be re­newed for as many times as de­sired. If it ex­pires, the pub­lic­a­tion on the register will be de­ac­tiv­ated and de­leted after 6 months. Learn more about the certification process on the Passivhaus Certification page.

Un­til now, Passivhaus certificates de­livered world­wide:



Passivhaus Designer/ Consultant certificates


Passivhaus Tradesperson certificates


Passivhaus Practical Graduate Testimonial


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PHT training

To complement certified Passivhaus training, the Trust deliver other initiatives at various levels. For the most up-to-date (time-expiry) courses, please visit our events, partner events & certified training listings. We distinguish which knowledge level the training is pitched at to help learners identify if it is for them. Below are a few examples:


For learners new to the standard – seeking to get to grips with Passivhaus foundations & benefits.

Introduction to Passivhaus
Getting to Net Zero: Online course Ostro Passivhaus. Certified Passivhaus © David Barbour Paper Igloo ERFIT Programme 2023 UK Passivhaus Awards


For learners who have a basic understanding of Passivhaus and want to develop skills enabling them to apply advanced techniques in real-world scenarios. Certified Passivhaus Designer & Tradesperson courses fall under this category.

RIBA Passivhaus Retrofit Series How to build a Passivhaus: Webinar series Passivhaus & Embodied Carbon webinar: On demand Keeping cool: avoiding overheating risks Passivhaus Practical Training (Coaction & BE-ST)


Expert learning & development for those who have completed intermediate training or have substantial industry experience in Passivhaus. focuses on mastery of advanced Passivhaus concepts, critical analysis of design strategies, and the ability to lead and innovate in the field.

Large & Complex Masterclass series: On demand Retrofit Masterclass lecture series: on-demand Certified PHPP Expert

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Passivhaus Trust Partner logoPHT Strategic Training Partnerships

The Trust has several strategic partnerships. Our partnerships reflect our shared aims and desire to build and strengthen a community of Passivhaus practitioners in the UK. We aim to equip them with access to technically rigorous training and further support with resources after training. We hope that collaboration will increase the outcomes of both parties to serve the Passivhaus community.




Since 2023, PHT Patron Coaction (formerly Carbonlite) has been PHT’s PREFERRED TRAINING PARTNER. Certified Passivhaus training is the bedrock training. We aim to work together to engage practitioners in ongoing knowledge sharing and promoting best practices. This partnership enables us to reach more people and have more impact, acting as a springboard to build on our mutual objectives and working together in a closer partnership.

BE-ST logo

Built Environment – Smarter Transformation (BE-ST)

PHT has partnered with Built Environment – Smarter Transformation (BE-ST) in Scotland since June 2022. We have collaborated on several initiatives, such as activities at COP26, site visits, Passivhaus practical training & a Passivhaus steel rig. We intend for this cooperation to leverage the capability to further our educational goals & objectives. BE-ST, in conjunction with Coaction, offers PHT endorsed courses.

Design Performance for Climate Action Partners

RIBA, Coaction, SCOCA, iPHA

Are next-gen architects ready to tackle the climate emergency? Surveys find most architects & engineers first hear about Passivhaus at University. The Trust is scaling up its student education programme with the rollout to get Passivhaus training into RIBA Architecture Schools at Universities now underway. Once Design Performance for Climate Action is successfully deployed, we hope that the programme may adapt to other disciplines. The Passivhaus RIBA CPD programme is also ongoing for both new build & retrofit.

National Self Build & Renovation Centre Logo

National Self Build & Renovation Centre (NSBRC)

The Trust partners with the National Self Build & Renovation Centre (NSBRC) to deliver a biannual Passivhaus Workshop aimed at self-builders & designers. Taking place every April & November in Swindon, where you can see models of windows & wall build-ups to service installations. A great opportunity to speak to several PHT members delivering Passivhaus in the bespoke private home sector.

If you are interested in becoming a Partner please email

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PHT endorsements

As well as strategic partnerships, the Trust have developed an endorsement programme for Passivhaus training. Give your Passivhaus courses the PHT stamp of approval, assuring Passivhaus content. To attain the endorsement - courses must have undergone an assessment checked by the Trust to confirm that it is of correct & suitable Passivhaus calibre.

Do you have a Passivhaus course that you would like endorsed by the Trust? For further details on the application for PHT endorsement, please email Trust endorsed training logo suite


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