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Certified Passivhaus Designer Course (Coaction)

Date: 3 September - 23 October 2024 Time: Part time over 2 months
Location: Online Cost: £2100 - £2500 +VAT: PHT members, £2800 +VAT: non-members

Certified Passivhaus Designer course Coaction

For any course queries, please contact Coaction Training: 01752 686890 or

Learn from the foremost Passivhaus experts in the UK, blending real-world and on-site experience with the technical understanding to deliver successful Passivhaus buildings. Delivered by PHT PREFERRED TRAINING PARTNER, Coactionyou can be confident in a quality learning programme designed to prepare you not only for the PHI exam but also for future involvement in Passivhaus projects and meeting climate emergency challenges. 

Through a blend of live sessions, self-study, and tutorials, learn the core concepts behind the Passivhaus standard, discover successful implementation methods, and how to use the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) to achieve optimum performance. To ensure everyone starts with the same base level knowledge, the course begins with the introductory 'Passivhaus Bitesize' Course

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Who should attend?

The Certified Passivhaus Designer Course is aimed at construction professionals in the UK involved in the design of all types of Passivhaus and low-energy buildings. Predominantly aimed at architects, engineers, consultants, built environment students, and clients. You'll need some knowledge of UK construction systems, as well as a general understanding of maths and Microsoft Excel, and building plans.

"The course was fantastic in bringing together so many different experts from different disciplines - demonstrating the collaboration that is required to design and build a Passivhaus."

"It was by far the best course that I have been on in the 25+ years since I started studying architecture. It was much more than I could have hoped for and I now feel better equipped to carry on as a sole trading architect."

"The fact that each of the trainers has hands on experience in the field delivering certified passive houses is really what sets this course apart."

Designer Graduate

Designer Graduate

Designer Graduate



The course runs part time 

3 - 6 September 2024 

Module 1: Passivhaus Bitesize - introduction to the standard and principles, Self study + 4 x 2h lunchtime workshops to deepen understanding.

11 - 27 September 2024

Module 2: Fabric - exploring aspects of building physics and what this means in practice for building design

2 - 4 October 2024

Module 3: Building Services - understanding the essential services used in Passivhaus and what is different to business as usual.

9 - 11 October 2024 

Module 4: PHPP - build a complete PHPP worksheet

16 - 17 October 2024

Module 5: Exam Preparation - revision, tutorials and practice questions.

23 October 2024

Final Exam (online, open book)

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  • The course is part-time, with learning delivered through a mixture of online webinars and self-study. We support you and check understanding throughout with homework, practice questions, group exercises and dedicated forums for Q&A on our online learning platform.

  • The total study time commitment needed is 100 hours, with 60 hours delivered as live webinars across 7 weeks, and 40 hours of self-study during that time.

  • Each teaching module is delivered by leading experts in that field. All our trainers are active practitioners currently working in the Passivhaus sector, sharing their experience of best practice and tackling the real issues that projects may encounter.

  • You will learn how to use the PHPP energy modelling software (Version 10) and understand the inputs required for its successful completion.

  • We are highly experienced in getting our learners fully prepared for the exam, with a dedicated revision session, supporting tutorials, and plenty of practice questions. Our pass rate is over 95%

  • The Coaction operations team are on hand throughout for administrative and technical support



Passivhaus Trust members are eligible for a discount.  Members can also claim an Early Bird discount if booked 4 weeks before the start of the course. Join the Passivhaus Trust today!

Please contact Coaction to discuss payment by instalments.

  10% Earlybird  

  Full course

  (incl. revision session & exam) 

PHT/ AECB member

  £2100 +VAT

  £2500 +VAT



  £2800 +VAT

You will need a copy of the PHPP software for the PHPP module and exam. The PHPP 10 software costs  £180.00 ex. VAT (discounts available) and can be purchased directly here. *If you've already taken Coaction's Passivhaus Bitesize course, please contact us for a discount off the full price. You will also get access to all the material again during the Designer course.



To secure your space, please register via the online booking form.

Please contact Coaction Training with any course queries or to discuss the course in depth: 01752 686890 or

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