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WUFI- Heat & Moisture Simulation Workshop

Date: 13 - 14 June 2013 Time: Over 2 days
Location: The Human Rights Action Centre, 17 - 25 New Inn Yard, London, EC2A 3EA Cost: £600 for PHT members / £650 for non-members if you book by 2 May 2013. £650 for PHT members / £700 for non-members if you book after 2 May 2013.

If you are concerned about interstitial condensation, mould or rot then you need to evaluate the risks with WUFI® Pro!

This two-day course organised by The Green Register, the first of its kind to be held in London, provides a practical, hands-on introduction to WUFI® Pro 'hygrothermal' numerical simulation. It is the world leading simulation software for understanding the risk of interstitial condensation, mould, rot and freeze-thaw in buildings.

Both days of training include hands-on workshops using the software, and you will get the full version of the WUFI® Pro software with an 8-week temporary licence, as well as access to support on the online WUFI® Forum for that period.

What can WUFI® do for you?

WUFI® Pro software allows the realistic simulation of the hourly hygrothermal behaviour of multiple-layered wall and roof systems.It predicts how heat and moisture transfer through the building fabric and what effects can occur when the buildup is exposed to realistic external and internal climate conditions.

These effects include:

  • drying time of construction moisture
  • possible condensation problems
  • water absorption due to driving rain
  • moisture influence on thermal performance
  • long-term hygrothermal consequences of retrofit strategies
  • even mould growth in the building can be predicted using this model

Topics discussed will include the vocabulary and fundamentals of building physics, practical examples with WUFI® Pro, interpretation of results, the market context for WUFI® in the UK, and a review of completed case studies. Attendees will learn how to input a wall or roof, its orientation and location, and run simulations on different configurations.

Who should attend?

The workshop is open to all building professionals, e.g. architects, engineers, surveyors, insulation suppliers, system manufacturers, builders and anyone with a focus on fabric performance. No previous experience with the WUFI® Pro software is required.

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