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Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson Training (Target Zero)

Date: 18 - 22 November 2014 Time: Over 4 consecutive days
Location: SASIE Training Centre, Waterway Street, Nottingham, NG2 3AD , UK Cost: £775

This course is aimed at experienced building trades people, site and project managers, self-builders and those wanting a more practical understanding of Passivhaus principles.


If you’ve watched TV programmes documenting the terrors of self-build, you can’t help noticing some exotic constructions from mainland Europe, which embody the principles of Passivhaus:

  • High levels of insulation
  • Very limited thermal bridging, reducing paths for conducted heat loss
  • Exceptional air tightness and sealing
  • Use of heat recovery ventilated to provide fresh air without the cold draughts
  • Glazing with very low heat losses

These principles require attention to design, especially to reduce overheating on sunny days and plenty of natural daylight. However, Passivhaus is as much about careful and considered construction, with attention to detail as it is about fancy materials or design.


The aim of this training for the ”Certified Passive House Tradesperson” certificate is to convey an overall impression of the interdisciplinary Passivhaus concept to tradesmen involved in the construction industry.

Course Contents:

1.0 Passive House – Interdisciplinary principles

  • Passive House Definition
  • Passive House Criteria
  • The 5 pillars of the Passivhaus principles
  • Ecology and comfort
  • PHPP and other planning principles
  • Economic efficiency
  • Construction process and quality assurance
  • User information and user support

2.0 Building Envelope Specialist – Training

  • Thermal insulation in the Passivhaus
  • Thermal bridge free construction
  • Passivhaus Windows
  • Summer comfort
  • Refurbishment of existing buildings using Passivhaus components

3.0 Building Services Specialist – Training

  • Passivhaus ventilation
  • Why is ventilation essential?
  • Controlled home ventilation with heat recovery
  • Individual components of ventilation systems
  • Heating via fresh air in Passivhaus
  • Heating in a Passivhaus
  • Heat generation and heat distribution in a Passivhaus
  • Implementation-relevant details
  • Refurbishment of existing buildings

4.0 Airtightness Specialist – Practical training

  • Air-tightness & Building Regulations
  • Blower Door Demonstration
  • Practical Air-tightness installation with Air-tightness tapes.



The cost of the 4 day course is £595 (includes tea/coffee & buffet lunch) Cost for International Examination is £180. Total cost equals £775.


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For further information contact Darren O’Gorman on 00353876110344, email

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