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Kingsley Passivhaus Retrofit

Date: 11 February 2018 Time: 16.00 onwards
Location: Kingsley Passivhaus, 91 Top Road, Kingsley, WA6 Cost: Free to attend

A must attend event for ambitious self-builders! Visit a retrofit that surpasses the EnerPHit standard, and has recently been certified to meet full Passivhaus criteria. The 1940's semi-detached property was constructed with cavity walls. The newly refurbished 3 bedroom home includes a loft conversion, external wall insulation, upgraded windows and has a TFA of 89.5m2 , accommodating 3 people. 

Kingsley Passivhaus Retrofit

Kinglsey Passivhaus

I've refurbished commercial buildings in the past for use as vet surgeries and always been disappointed with the energy requirements. Im planning to build the first PH vet surgery in the UK and this was a preliminary exercise to help decide whether to refurb or demolish the existing building. This was my first Passivhaus project and also a first for the architect. Finding details for retrofitting a semi-detached building to Passivhaus was a challenge because the neighbouring building had no such measures. Myself and partner proved excellent at airtightness measures and will be confident to oversee this in future projects. 

Chris Copeman, Self-builder

Energy Use


  • Passivhaus software (PHPP) predicted heating demand of 1500 kWh per annum for the house.
  • ​Over the last 2 years the house has used around 2000Kwh p.a. for heating, cooking and hot water and around 1000kwh of electricity whilst generating 3000kwh p.a. from solar panels. 
  • ​Typically, in the UK, a house of this size uses 12000 kWh of heating and 4000kwh p.a.electricity.



Key Team

Self-builder: Chris Copeman

Architect: Gill Shalom

MVHR, components  & PHPP consultant: Green Building Store

Airtightness consultant & main contractor: Nesthaus

Certifier: MEAD Consulting



No need to book, just turn up!


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Kingsley Passivhaus

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