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So you have heard about the fantastic benefits of the Passivhaus standard and would like to build your own but don’t don’t know where to start? This section highlights useful guides, events, links and projects to start you off on your Passivhaus journey.



Read our intro guides

Discover the benefits of Passivhaus. We’ll let you into a secret... Its not just about energy efficiency.

Our research identified almost fifty types of benefits relating to Passivhaus which have been categorised into six distinct areas.

What does it mean in practice? The latest tips and guidance from the experts.

The business case for aiming for Passivhaus and tips on how to ensure successful delivery.

Passivhaus goes Personal
Passivhaus Benefits How to Build a Passivhaus Passivhaus Social Housing: Maximising benefits, minimising costs

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Visit a Passivhaus

The annual International Passivhaus Open Days event is a great opportunity to visit Passivhaus buildings.... for free! Learn from those with first-hand experience and knowledge of occupying, constructing or designing Passivhaus projects. The event takes place every June, and a larger event in November. Other project specific visits take place throughout the year - for upcoming site visits please regularly visit our events lisitng.

Learn more about certified Passivhaus projects

UK Passivhaus Certified Projects Gallery UK Passivhaus Projects Map

2018 UK Passivhaus Awards Ceremony at London Build - 24th October

UK Passivhaus Projects Gallery

UK Certified Passivhaus Map

UK Passivhaus Awards

Passivhaus Trust members mapFind a Passivhaus advisor

Find a Passivhaus advisor in your area with our members map. You can filter for architects, consultants, contractors and more.

In order to become a certified Passivhaus designer, architects and engineers must undertake a robust training programme culminating in a rigorous exam. A certified designer will have been tested in many areas of Passivhaus design including fundamentals and technical theory, construction methods and detailing, building services, design and PHPP.

Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson


Get into the detail

How to build a Passivhaus: Rules of thumbHow to build a Passivhaus: Rules of thumb

This publication highlights the key aspects of designing to the Passivhaus standard and the do's and don'ts on how to successfully build a Passivhaus. 

pdf download



The Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP)

PHPP is a design tool produced by the Passivhaus Intitut for use by building architects and designers. PHPP incorporates the energy specifications for quality-approved Passivhaus buildings from the Institut in a manual and cd-rom. The latest version of PHPP is available to buy now at a discounted rate for PHT & AECB members. Click here for more information.


Thinking of a Passivhaus Retrofit?

If you want to improve an existing home or building, Passivhaus also has a lot to offer; The physics behind Passivhaus apply to any building and provide a valuable framework and methodology for retrofit.

Applying the Passivhaus methodology to an existing building is challenging because  the building’s orientation, structure, and form are constrained.The Passivhaus retrofit standard, EnerPHit, takes these limitations into account. EnerPHit will typically result in a building that outperforms a new-build building regulations property both in terms of energy and comfort. 

The rigour and quality assurance of the EnerPHit standard may not always be feasible or appropriate for every retrofit project. Even if a project cannot attain the EnerPHit standard, modelling a retrofit using PHPP (Passivhaus Planning Package) to help set and assess targets is useful.  Learn more about Passivhaus Retrofit and if Passivhaus retrofit right for you.  Browse inspiring case studies of certified EnerPHit projects.

Passivhaus Retrofit

Useful links

What is Passivhaus?

How to become a Certified Passivhaus Designer/ Consultant

How to get your Passivhaus project certified

UK Passivhaus Conference



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