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Technical Guidance - Passivhaus & Zero Carbon Compliance

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The Passivhaus Trust supports the aim to reduce carbon emissions associated with new housing,and believes that significant reductions on present UK levels can be achieved through advanced energy efficiency measures.

During early 2011 a series of technical, regulatory and policy developments within the UK led tothe situation where there are more synergies between the Passivhaus standard and UK regulations than ever before. This paper reviews the potential opportunities that Passivhaus offers for achieving the carbon reductions needed to meet the 2016 ‘Zero Carbon’ standard.

Evidence demonstrates that Passivhaus delivers real and significant reductions in energy consumption, through detailed energyefficient design, services and construction. Most Passivhaus dwellings will come close to meetingthe Carbon Compliance element of the ‘Zero Carbon’ definition, without additional renewableenergy devices.While the focus of this paper is on housing, it should be noted that many of the issues raised hereare also relevant to non-domestic buildings, and the target for new non-domestic buildings to be‘Zero Carbon’ by 2019.

Download the paper here.

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