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Technical Guidance - Good practice guide to MVHR for single dwellings

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Within the Passivhaus documentation and guidelines there has been no explicit requirement to embed at the ‘design and procurement stage’ specification of MVHR that will lead to appropriate delivery, or indeed support about what MVHR specification should look like. The result of this has been that the actual specification of Passivhaus MVHR might be carried out by the sales people of the delivery companies. Most importantly unless there is some testable technical requirement given to the design and delivery companies, any dispute over the performance of an MVHR system once installed is largely subjective.

The building process and the design team can take many forms and the roles of the key players differ in each variation. This document has therefore been set out in terms of the tasks that need to be covered, with an indication of the key players that may be responsible for each. 

This guidance should be read as an addendum to the ‘How to build a Passivhaus: Rules of thumb’ document. It provides specific design guidance that is not readily available anywhere else.

Good practice guide to MVHR for single dwellings [PDF]                 

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Published: September 2018

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