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Research Report - Passivhaus Costs & Benefits

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2019 Passivhaus Construction CostsPart 1: Costs

Innovation costs associated with early Passivhaus projects are now reducing as the methodology has become more widely adopted. This new analysis shows that the extra costs associated with building to the Passivhaus standard in the UK has reduced over the past three years and, as of 2018, best practice costs were around 8% higher than comparable non-Passivhaus projects.

However, removing the costs associated with quality assurance (to eliminate the performance gap this should be done regardless) and considering further development of skills, expertise and supply chain maturity, indicates that extra costs could come down to around 4% or less. In the context of other factors which result in higher build costs (high quality, high performance building products, design form, ground conditions etc), this becomes a minor uplift for a far superior product in terms of running costs, carbon emissions, and additional co-benefits such as comfort & health levels.

Overall, this study has shown that the Passivhaus standard in the UK can be achieved now for a modest extra-over cost and this is likely to reduce to nominal levels if adopted at scale.


Passivhaus Construction Costs




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Published: October 2019


Part 2: Benefits


Whilst the report above concentrates on the initial capital costs of a Passivhaus development, any discussion of costs should also consider the impact on through-life costs.

Performance and reduced risks are ensured thanks to the QA process. High quality, products last longer than inferior alternatives thus reducing maintenance & improving durability. There are also broader health and wellbeing benefits which go beyond purely financial considerations.  

Several resources outline the co-benefits of building energy-efficient Passivhaus developments. The Trust will be exploring these further in a future publication.

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