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Technical Guidance - Passivhaus Site Visits

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Site visits are not a mandatory part of the Passivhaus certification process.  However, they are deemed to be necessary under certain circumstances, identifying problems early to avoid significant issues harder & more costly to rectify later. The Trust has therefore set out the following policy in order to ensure consistency of approach within the UK.

  • Site visits are not mandatory to achieve certification

  • However, site visits are strongly encouraged and should be arranged at the discretion of the certifier

  • The requirement for site visits should be based on the following factors:

    • The experience of the Design Team

    • The experience of the Construction Team

    • The level of involvement of the Design Team during the construction phase

    • The size of the project

    • The complexity of the project

  • Certifiers may make use of suitably experienced Passivhaus practitioners in the local area to reduce costs.  These individuals are expected to be independent

  • Certification visits are not intended to be sufficient to provide Construction Stage Passivhaus guidance.  Projects are expected to retain Passivhaus Designer/Consultant expertise during the Construction Phase to provide this.  Whilst the Certifier is there as a ‘critical friend’ and will offer advice, their ultimate role is to assess whether standards have been achieved.

  • Certifiers will require comprehensive photographic evidence of construction and will rely on this where site visits are not carried out.

The following guidance provides an indication of the typical frequency of site visits that might be required:

Experience of Design & Construction team

Project Size/Complexity

>10 units

or large non-domestic

Up to 10 units

or non-domestic

Single dwelling




Once, twice, or not required





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