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This simple design guide is a must-have tool for those involved in planning, designing, and constructing buildings. It has been produced in collaboration with Levitt Bernstein Architects, PHT member Etude, and endorsed by the Passivhaus Trust.

The first fuel is the one that is not used. Ultra-efficient building design must be a priority to transition the built environment to net-zero and to combat the climate emergency. 

Easi Guide Passivhaus Design 2020 © Levitt Bernstein & Etude




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Published: June 2020


The guide contains 10 illustrated design tips for creating Passivhaus & zero carbon buildings fit for the 21st Century and beyond. Passivhaus offers immense design flexibility, it eliminates the performance gap, and it produces buildings with comfort as a key criterion rather than a nicety – all while drastically reducing energy use.

The main body of the guide emphasises key considerations at RIBA Stage 2 to allow design teams to meet Passivhaus within the contextual needs of their site, while a checklist offers the next steps if full certification is to be pursued. Clients are also encouraged to use it to set their briefs.


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