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Research Report - Passivhaus Retrofit in the UK

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23% of our annual carbon emissions are attributed to the energy needed to run the UK’s buildings, with 16% alone coming from our domestic housing stock. With one of the oldest housing stocks in Europe and many new homes being inadequately built, the UK is currently facing the immense challenge of retrofitting over 28 million buildings by 2050.

As part of the Trust's retrofit activities, the Trust has created a paper that sets out how EnerPHit fits into the wider net-zero retrofit agenda. It addresses why retrofit must form an essential part of our national Zero Carbon ambitions and debunks the idea that we can wait for the grid to decarbonise or for technology to provide solutions. It provides practical advice on how to develop an appropriate retrofit plan, comparing different standards and guidance, and offering a recommended process to create a whole building plan, achieve desired outcomes and avoid unintended consequences.



Passivhaus Retrofit Position Paper                 

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v. 2 published: January 2022


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