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Technical Guidance - Passivhaus Overlay for RIBA Plan of Work

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Looking to streamline your Passivhaus work? The NEW Passivhaus Overlay to the RIBA Plan of Works is launched jointly by RIBA & the Passivhaus Trust. It aims to help clients and project teams avoid risk and make informed, intelligent decisions at the right time to achieve Passivhaus certification in a streamlined and (cost) effective way.

The RIBA Plan of Work organises the briefing, designing, constructing and operating building projects into eight stages and explains outcomes, core tasks and information exchanges required at each stage. RIBA has developed supplementary guidance in the range of overlays and tools that gather specific actions under one remit & offer more focused single-issue support. It is a valuable framework for architects, engineers, and project managers tackling large & complex projects.

Drawing upon the hard-won lessons learned from experienced Passivhaus designers and certifiers, the Passivhaus Overlay is the latest guidance for the RIBA Plan of Work, which signposts and acts as a strategic framework outlining what to do within each RIBA stage and who needs to do it. Authored by Mark Siddall, the overlay includes a Passivhaus plan checklist, and responsibility matrix.

This guidance highlights the importance of front-loading the design process to define constraints and reduce project risks. Furthermore, when delivering Passivhaus buildings within the agreed budget, it recognises that a sound design and procurement process is fundamental.


Passivhaus Overlay to the RIBA Plan of Works

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 Published: February 2023

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