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Members listed in this category have been internationally accredited by the Passive House Institute (PHI) to certify Passive House buildings, EnerPHit retrofits and Low Energy Buildings anywhere in the world on behalf of the Passive House Institute and in accordance with their criteria. For the full international list of accredited certifiers, please check the Passive House Institute's comprehensive listing.

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WARM: Low Energy Building Practice


Warm is an independent consultancy with the theoretical and practical understanding to bring pioneering low energy buildings from design to reality. WARM was set up in 2009 by father and daughter, Peter Warm and Sally Godber, with the aim of creating buildings with real energy savings. All our full-time staff are Certified Passivhaus Designers and our group includes chartered engineers & architectural technologists. Whilst there are only 8 of us our reach is significant in the Passivhaus World: WARM are the most prolific Passivhaus consultants and Certifiers in the UK, and winners of the 2019 CIBSE Award for Building Consultancy up to 100 employees as well as Passivhaus Designers of the UK’s best new building, winner of the RIBA Stirling prize 2019. Most Passivhaus projects in the UK have been either one-off self builds or low-rise estates for social housing, but we have been involved in nearly every Passivhaus school in the UK and the largest Passivhaus building. We also provide building services design, training, monitoring and anything else for low energy buildings that will improve the built environment. We strongly believe in disseminating information and manage the very successful Carbonlite training programme for designers and contractors as well as bespoke courses for clients.




Etude are a team of sustainability engineers specialising in low energy building design and environmental assessments. We are Passivhaus Certifiers and can help you achieve the Passivhaus standard.


Mead Consulting


MEAD was founded by Kym Mead in 2014 as an independent consultancy specialising in ‘low-energy’ buildings, offering impartial advice to industry professionals and aspiring self-builders. Our aim is to reduce the energy demand of domestic and non-domestic buildings, whilst also providing excellent indoor air quality and comfort levels. Our approach is to cost effectively improve the building fabric and services whilst using the local environment to enhance the comfort levels throughout the year.


Zero Energy +Passivhaus


Zero Energy is an international engineering practice specialising in Passivhaus buildings. The company was initially set up in 2011 in the Scottish Highlands by Dr Jesus Menendez. At Zero Energy, we use advanced building physics knowledge in the building industry to help our clients to achieve low-energy and healthy buildings. We are an accredited Passivhaus course provider using the official and updated PHI material for Passivhaus Designers, Passivhaus Tradespeople and the new Passivhaus PHPP Expert course . We are Passivhaus building certifiers since 2017 for any Passive House project around the world. To date, we have been involved in more than 50 certified projects around the world. We also undertake third-party non-destructive testing, such as Blowerdoor tests, extinguishing gas retention time tests, infrared thermography, in situ U-value measurement for the building envelope or compensated airflow measurement in ventilation systems using balometers.