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New PHI certification criteria for Flue Systems

Wood and coal burning stoves are a popular†means of creating a cosy and homely atmosphere. In conventional homes, however, they barely provide enough heat for a single living room, let alone the entire house. Therefore, wood and coal burning stoves have largely been replaced with central heating systems.

The low heating demand in Passivhaus homes, however, offers a perfect opportunity for the revival of such stoves, which can often be used as the sole source of heating for the entire building.The Passivhaus Institut, in cooperation with the University of Krems and a renowned chimney manufacturer, has developed a certification criteria for 'Certified Passivhaus flue systems', awarded for high quality systems fulfilling stringent safety, comfort and hygiene requirements and providing superior thermal qualities, thus eliminating the risk of condensation, mould growth and low surface temperatures. The complete certification criteria for flue systems as well as other building components certified by the Passivhaus Institute are available for download in the Component certification section of the PHI website:

10th December 2012

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