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Silver Sands wins planning for 14 Passivhaus homes

This 14 home development of a 2630m2 brownfield site in Faversham adopts a modern version of the local Kent vernacular, providing a mix of house types and sizes. The scheme was granted planning on the 5th November.

Inside Out Architecture began the design by adopting a Passivhaus standard, as they currently do on most housing projects. A significant amount of planting is incorporated into the design so that over time these houses will not be on a rural brownfield site but will be retreats in the woodland.  

Silver Sands Inside Out architecture Silver Sands Inside Out architecture

Silver Sands: All image credits Inside Out Architecture

Our strategy was to kill with kindness, creating a community so welcoming and aspirational that any planning concerns were easily allayed.

Stephen Kavanagh Inside Out Architecture

The houses were arranged so that they all open onto a communal central woodland, a place for children to play and a community to be built.  A key aspect of the woodland space was that roads needed to be eliminated too, at least in their typical form. Instead, using subtly designed grasscrete routes, vehicular access blends with pedestrian movement.

Silver Sands Inside Out Architecture

6 semi-detached units are positioned on the North boundary. These units were made semi-detached for Passivhaus efficiencies – a larger floor area to external envelope ratio.

All of the other houses were large enough to work as detached units, and all followed a similar orientation and logical layout – a long linear living space along the south edge, opening up to south facing private gardens, while maintaining views through to entrances on the north side the look out into the communal woodland.

Silver Sands House Type Inside Out Architecture


Key Team

Project Owner/Client: Warren Holdings

Architect: Inside Out Architecture

Consultants: Fabric Building Physics

Landscaping Design: Landscape Perspective

Developer: Warren Holdings



Further Information

Inside Out Architecture

12th November 2015

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