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First Passivhaus Plus project in the UK certified

Osborne House in Fulford, York has received Passivhaus Plus certification, meeting stringent Passivhaus standards supplemented by renewable energy generation.

The detached family house is the first certified Passivhaus Plus project in the UK. 

The client decided to go down the Passivhaus route after being convinced of the many benefits of building to the standard, such as extremely low heating costs, improved comfort levels and the quality assurance provided by achieving full Passivhaus certification.


The construction was more complex than would have been ideal because of budget constraints. For example, external walls were originally designed as deep-section timber frame with render on board, but it was far cheaper to build a cavity wall with 'conventional' timber frame inner leaf and rendered blockwork externally, with multiple layers of insulation.

Phil Bixby, Constructive Individuals


A building built to Passive House Plus standard must not consume more than 45 kWh/m².yr of renewable primary energy. In addition, at least 60 kWh/m².yr of energy in relation to the area covered by the building must be generated.


Thermal performance

Thermal Energy demand

14 kWh/m2.yr

Thermal Energy load


Primary Energy Renewable

114 kWh/m2.yr (demand - 59 kWh/m2.yr, generation - 89 kWh/m2.yr)


0.41 ACH@50pascals



Project team




Phil Bixby, Constructive Individuals

MVHR consultant

Adam Dadeby, Passivhaus Store

Renewables consultant

The Phoenixworks


Transcore Ltd up to watertight shell construction, with the rest of the project managed by owners

Structural engineer 

Stuart Agars


Above L-R: Airtightness expert Paul Jennings conducts air test; South-facing aspect of building







Cavity wall, timber frame inner with rendered blockwork outer

0.133 W/m2K


Timber I-Joists with mineral wool filling, PU insulation internally

0.083 W/m2K


Slab on 300mm EPS insulation

0.123 W/m2K


Alu clad timber

0.74 - 0.89 W/m2K


Alu clad timber

0.78 W/m2K


Further information:

Constructive Individuals

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14th June 2016

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