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Overheating Toolkit

As the mercury continually soars with conceivable long-term changes to our climate our sister organisation, the Good Homes Alliance, has released a new overheating toolkit to prevent future designs overheating.

Aimed at planners and design teams, the toolkit identifies and mitigates overheating risks in new homes at an early stage. A one-page checklist, it provides a simple yet effective summer comfort analysis that does not require complex modelling calculations, making it perfect for initial designs and decision-makers.


Overheating in new homes


Download Toolkit (high quality print version)


Toolkit & guidance


Simple summer comfort analysis without complex modelling nailed! We’ll be pushing this at all the local authorities we know.

Sally Godber, WARM


The great thing about the GHA overheating tool is that it is very simple to use and so helps architects and builders consider issues of natural light, ventilation and shading at an early stage of a project… Overheating is a serious issue, and despite the usual assumptions about poor British weather, experts are warning us the housing stock may not suitably protect us against rising temperatures.

Mick Schou Rasmussen, VELUX Company Ltd



Further Information

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PHT technical guidance - Designing for summer comfort in the UK

16th July 2019

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