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2020 Passivhaus Student Competition Winners

Passivhaus Student Competition 2019

From a regenerative primary school in Nottingham to a floating educational centre in the Isles of Scilly, the winners of the fifth  Passivhaus Student Competition, sponsored by Tarmac, are revealed.

A special thank you and congratulation to all the tutors involved this year, still managing to deliver teaching & guidance despite unprecedented circumstances due to Covid-19.

Judges looked for schemes that identified their Passivhaus strategy, were tested via energy modelling & justified design choices with clear development. After an accumulation of Passivhaus tutors, informative seminars, as well as surmounting additional challenges posed by lockdown, we are happy to share a new cohort of winning designs.


Tarmac is committed to supporting the drive for more sustainable construction.  We share the importance of educating future architects and engineers on the impact they can have by creating comfortable, high performing sustainable developments and communities via the built environment.

Martyn Kenny,  Sustainability Director, Tarmac



2020 Passivhaus Student Competition - Trent Basin Primary School - Carolina Bley, University of Nottingham

Trent Basin Primary School

Winner: Carolina Bley, University of Nottingham

Based on a live design project for a new sustainable community in a regeneration area. A simple high-performance shell shelters comfortable classrooms with good air quality and daylight levels. Judges commended Carolina’s decision making via her design iterations. There was a clear understanding of different façade treatments and beautifully compelling renders.

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2020 Passivhaus Student Comptetition - Kinematics Social Hub - Bahaa Alnassr Allah, Oxford Brookes

Kinematics Social Hub

Winner: Bahaa Alnassr Allah, Oxford Brookes

Inspired by the industrial style of trains and recycling steel from the Grenada site, the scheme aims to provides flexible spaces for rent & social gatherings. Judges commended sound design development and exploration of external shading structures.

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2020 Passivhaus Student Competition - Calypso's Hacienda - Dayana Anastasova, University of Cardiff

Calypso's Hacienda

Winner: Dayana Anastasova, University of Cardiff

A cluster of buildings on a pontoon in the Isles of Scilly house an education center alongside manufacturing and repairing facilities for gig boats. Dayana had good design analysis and judges commended her on the exploration of form and details. 

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2020 Passivhaus Student Competition - Main Road Eco Village Yadu, Gorjimahlabani, Mody, Jaju, Sheffield School of Architecture

Main Road Eco Village

Yadu, Gorjimahlabani, Mody, Jaju, Sheffield School of Architecture

A 35-dwelling social housing project consisting of terraced & detached houses. The scheme adopted a robust Passivhaus strategy. Judges commended the group’s understanding on key Passivhaus principles and attention to crucial junctions. Exploration for different unit types in DesignPH was praised.

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2020 Passivhaus Student Competition - The Ice Cubes Victor Makara, Coventry University

The Ice Cubes

Victor Makara, Coventry University

Striving to establish a new landmark over the south side of Coventry ring road and replacing an existing building, the project aims to form an environment for researching, learning, and re-imagining movement and dance. Victor showed some good design development. His drawing skills and video walk-through were commended.

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Passivhaus Student Competition_2020 Winning submissions

2020 Passivhaus Student Competition: Winning pop-up banners

Winners work will form a digital exhibition at the 2020 UK Passivhaus Conference in November.


Participating in the Passivhaus Student Competition was both exciting and challenging. It encouraged me to adopt an eclectic approach to my design, where every aspect was critical to achieve a wholesome project. Being announced as a winner is a milestone in my professional career path that will push me as an architect to work harder in order to protect our environment.

Bahaa Alnassr Allah, Oxford Brookes Winner



Once again, thanks to the PHT and Tarmac for supporting this initiative over the last five years. These initiatives really do make a difference for the students and the teaching and learning environment Schools of Architecture offer, so the support is really valuable and greatly appreciated by students and staff.

Prof Mark Gillott, Head of Department, University of Nottingham




Congratulations to not only the winners listed above, but all the finalists who made the competition shortlist:

  • Amy Xinyu Xu, Basin Community Primary School, University of Nottingham

  • Maria Silos Molina, Waterside Fusion Primary School, University of Nottingham

  • Raneem Alji, The District: Center for Empowering Refugees, Oxford Brookes

  • Jade Turner, Evergreen, Oxford Brookes

  • Kirsten Adjei-Attah, The Lantern, University of Coventry

  • Laura Selwood, One hundred percent, Cardiff University

  • Jacques Doody, Dreamland: Samson, Cardiff University

  • Wazna, Disci, Huang, Wang, Swiss Youth Hostel, Sheffield School of Architecture

  • Song, Wang, Haung, Zhu, Beaufort Project, Sheffield School of Architecture


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20th July 2020

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