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Passivhaus Site Visit: Richmond Hill & Swillington Primary Schools

Date: 31st August 2012 Time: 13:00 onwards
Location: Richmond Hill Primary School, Clark Crescent, Leeds Cost: FREE

Passivhaus was selected on Richmond Hill and Swillington Primary Schools as a means of achieving the 60% Carbon reduction required for the projects without resorting to biomass.

The Passivhaus design method itself was a result of research in the 1990's as to why buildings were not achieving in practice the energy savings predicted at design stage.

Critically, the effect of cold-bridging was being underestimated. Passivhaus also demands very high levels of air-tightness and robust details/materials choices to ensure that the building continues to perform.

During the presentation you'll learn what's involved in constructing the building performing as designed, and how the exceptionally low air tightness level of 0.25 air changes per hour (less than half the level required to achieve Passivhaus certification) was achieved.

This visit is aimed at those directly involved in the procurement and design of public and private projects where environmental performance is a key issue. During this site visit you'll be able to network with the Interserve team responsible for designing and constructing this innovative new school project in Leeds. 

It's an excellent opportunity to see first hand what's involved in Passivhaus procurement and find out what challenges face those involved in designing and building similar schemes.

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Please note that this event is aimed at clients, procurers and their advisors. 

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