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A clear understanding of the calculations and predictions involved in Passivhaus building relies upon modelling software.

The Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) is a design tool produced by the Passivhaus Institute aimed for use by architects, engineers, and building designers. All Passivhaus buildings must be modelled in PHPP. It is crucial to the quality assurance provided by the Standard. PHPP’s level of sophistication enables it to consider a wide range of variable characteristics which affect heat loss, energy use and internal comfort, allowing for a superior fit between predicted energy use and real-world performance. 

DesignPH is a plugin for the 3D design software SketchUp. It enables quick results & preliminary simplified energy balance. PHPP is required to use the visually interactive designPH software. See for full details of the features and software requirements.

EasyPH offers a simplified and streamlined Passivhaus certification for single dwellings.


Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP)


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Please note: upgrades from previous versions are available at reduced costs.

Purchase of PHPP10 includes a digital version of the manual. A printed manual is available for purchase from the PHI shop.


Below you will find a list of additional plug-ins & tools for advanced modelling in PHPP.


PHPP Tools & Plug-ins

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Embodied Carbon

General additions


Early Design Decisions


Heating & Cooling




Thermal bridges

Thermal Envelope




Heat Pump



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PHPP guidance and training

PHPP Illustrated: A designer's companion to the Passivhaus Planning PackageThe PHPP manual has developed into a great resource to ensure your building is modelled correctly. An online flip-book version is included with any purchase of PHPP, and a printed manual is available for purchase separately from the PHI shop.

The book PHPP Illustrated: a designer's companion to the Passivhaus Planning Package by Sarah Lewis provides an excellent set of step-by-step instructions, clear examples of the sorts of supporting evidence required for certification, and tips to avoid common pitfalls.

Training in the use of PHPP is available from the Passivhaus Institut and AECB / TUDublin.

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