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Over thirty years of experience demonstrates that the high levels of comfort and energy savings associated with the Passivhaus Standard are achieved through independent quality testing. All certified Passivhaus buildings undergo a rigorous compliance process. Certification is also available for specific components, Designers/ Consultants & Tradespeople.



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All proposed Passivhaus designs must undergo energy modelling in the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP.) Tests ensure these targets are met, completing the quality assurance process. A certificate is only issued by a Passivhaus Certifier if the defined criteria have been met without exception.

A slightly relaxed standard has been created for retrofit projects - EnerPHit. Learn more about the different classes, Plus & Premium, which take into account renewable energy generation, and the certification process for Passivhaus buildings.

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Designers: Certification for designers/ consultants who have the expertise to deliver Passivhaus buildings. The qualification includes training in PHPP, a design tool used to inform the design process and to assess or verify compliance with the Passivhaus Standard. If you can't find a UK consultant via our members map, check a list of international certified designers here. Join an upcoming training course to become a certified designer yourself. The qualification must be renewed every 5 years. This can be done by completing a certified Passivhaus project or via the accumulation of 100 PHI credit renewal points. To build on this Passivhaus training, additional advanced qualifications for Passivvhaus Designers/ Consultants are available including: PHPP Expert, Construction Verifier, Trainer, and Component Assessor.

A list of accredited training events can be found here

Tradespeople: Contractors have developed their basic building knowledge & understand key Passivhaus principles such as airtightness. If you can't find a UK contractor via our members map, check a list of international certified tradespeople here. Join an upcoming training courses to become a certified tradesperson yourself. Additional advanced qualifications for Tradespeople are being developed including: Retrofit Expert and Site Supervisor.

Certifiers: achieve certification, all Passivhaus projects must be signed off by an independent certifier. These organisations must be separate to the main design team and provide impartial verification that all Passivhaus criteria have been satisfied. More on this below. A Passivhaus designer cannot certify projects.


Passivhaus Institute Overview of Qualifications

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Certified Passivhaus componentProducts

Certified Passivhaus components have undergone independent uniform testing. This allows useful quick comparisons and eases the task for designers to confidently specify high-quality, energy-efficient products that will work best in their climates. Check the database of certified Passivhaus components.

Certified Passivhaus Component_ Warm, temperate climate  Certified Passivhaus Component_ Hot climate  Certified Passivhaus component_Cool, temperate climate   

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Passivhaus Certifier

Building Certifiers

Passivhaus certifiers have been internationally accredited by the Passivhaus Institute (PHI) to assess and issue the Passivhaus building certificates (Classic, Plus & Premium) and the EnerPHit building certificate for retrofit projects anywhere in the world. Details of PHT members & partners who provide building certification in the UK can be found below:

Based in the UK & Ireland

Bespoke certification

How to become a Passivhaus certifier


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Further Information

Passivhaus Institute: Building Certification Guide 2022
      Planning and construction for a sustainable future

Supplementary guidance to the criteria for the Passivhaus published by the Passivhaus Institute


To find out more about the training & software available, please download this certification guide produced by the Passivhaus Institute.


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