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EasyPH: simplified certification for homes

The new PHPP tool, EasyPH, has entered its beta phase. It will drastically simplify the certification of single homes.

easyPH banner. Image credit: Shepherds Barn EnerPHit Plus, Mark Siddall

What is easyPH?

easyPH (beta) is a new tool based on PHPP (10.6). It aims to simplify the certification of single-family homes through:

  • Reduced and streamlined inputs for the energy balance calculation
  • Guidelines and resources for the necessary inputs


How does it work?

Only 8 worksheets: The main input worksheet is the 'easyPH', which works with standardised assumptions to reduce the required inputs for the overall building energy calculation. easyPH fully follows the PHPP methodology. 

EasyPH works with designPH: All the inputs for the yellow cells (Components + Geometry) can be imported from designPH.


Where can I get it?

The beta version of easyPH is included in the master bundle of PHPP 10.6. This beta version is initially only available in English.


Can a project be certified via easyPH?

Yes! easyPH can already be used for certification with the latest version of the Passivhaus criteria for  buildings. Note, easyPH is only suitable for:

  • new builds

  • 1 to 2 dwellings

  • ventilation unit

Buildings that do not meet these requirements must be certified using the PassivHaus Planning Package (PHPP).

If you have any questions, contact a Passivhaus building certifier.

Or email the Passive House Institute:


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