Passivhaus Affiliate


A number of forward-thinking companies who are leading the delivery of Passivhaus in the UK have helped to establish the Passivhaus Trust as the Passivhaus Standard body for the UK, and have signed up as Founder Members to show their support.  Click one of the links below to see a list of members.
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Alternatively you can click on a company name in the list of Founder Members below to see more details.

Carbon Eng


Carbon Eng is an engineering and design consultancy specializing in high-performance timber-based building solutions. By designing to high levels of performance we are able to reduce the operational carbon of a building. Operational carbon emissions are the emissions arising from the use of a building over its design life. By building with timber we are also able to reduce the embodied carbon of a building and increase the stored carbon within a building. Embodied carbon emissions arise from the manufacture, construction, maintenance and the end-of-life disposal of a building. Stored carbon in buildings is increasingly recognized as a cost-effective way to mitigate carbon emissions that would otherwise occur.

Glatthaar-Fertigkeller Ltd


Lower Level Higher Living. Cold, dark and damp basements are a thing of the past, Glatthaar introduces their basement concept providing warm, bright and spacious living comfort. For over 30 years we have specialised in all aspects of basement construction. We focused on developing "intelligent" basements which will always add value to your home. Over 2.500 basements a year proves that our concept works. We have developed the most technologically advanced off site manufacturing process in the industry. Combined with our on-site installation techniques, we confidently offer clients the most effective basement with the fastest on side built time. Naturally with our concept we are able to deliver a construction that meets (and excels) the Passive Standard U-Value of 0,15.