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NEW EnerPHit Moisture guide

Retrofit existing buildings seamlessly with our NEW Moisture and EnerPHit Good Practice Guide. Uncover key insights for resolving moisture risks, ensuring a safer, healthier environment. The guide is a must-read for designers and clients providing a crucial starting point for mastering moisture-safe design in retrofits. Available as a free download now.

Moisture and EnerPHit


Key Sections of the Guide

  1. Key principles and moisture building physics: An overview of fundamental principles for reducing moisture risk in retrofit projects.
  2. Assessment and design approaches: Best practices for assessing and designing retrofits in high-moisture risk scenarios.
  3. Real-world case studies: Illustrative examples within the context of an EnerPHit retrofit, showcasing successful applications of the guide's principles.

For those interested in delving deeper into this critical subject, the guide also provides pointers towards additional resources and training opportunities to enhance expertise in retrofit projects.

In case you missed it

We launched this technical guide during the Passivhaus Retrofit Masterclass: Managing Moisture. Hear directly from the key authors of the good practice guide. Pick up 2 PHI credit renewal points. NOW AVAILABLE TO WATCH ON-DEMAND

Managing Moisture Webinar On-demand


Further Information

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12th January 2024

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