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Registration for UK Passivhaus Open Days 2012 now open

The 3rd UK Passivhaus Open Days will take place from 9th to 11th November. The Open Days have been organised in conjunction with The International Passive House Days set up by the International Passive House Association (iPHA). The iPHA event is currently in its 9th year and will have projects from all over the world open to the public. 

The UK Passivhaus Open Days provides a chance for Passivhaus enthusiasts and newcomers alike to experience Passive Houses in all their variety, along with the comfort they offer first hand. Private homes and non-residential buildings designed by different architects using various construction methods take part annually, opening their doors to the public. This annual event is a wonderful way to raise awareness about and interest in Passivhaus. 

Registration for the Open Days is now open and can be done here. Buildings which can be visited in the UK, will be listed on our website from 1st October 2012.

22nd August 2012

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