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La Sauterrelle receives Passivhaus certification

La Sauterrelle is a detached residential property located within the Parish of St Saviours, Guernsey and is the first building to receive Passivhaus certification within the Channel Islands. The idea to follow Passivhaus standard for their new home came directly from the client, Mr & Mrs Whitford. The Whitfords lived in a typical Guernsey farmhouse with solid stone walls and poorly insulated building envelope which resulted in high annual running costs. They decided to purchase and develop a new property to follow the Passivhaus standard and live a more sustainable life style.

The initial design was quite straight forward. The design criteria, number of bedrooms and living space were developed in the normal architectural process. Using sketch designs, 3D models and a series of physical models were produced to help visualise the living space and relationship between parts of the structure. Planning Permission was obtained without a hitch and the finer construction detailing was achieved with the help of the BRE who ensured thermal bridging was minimised on the external envelope.

The building was designed and project managed by Aslett Naftel, Chartered Architects and Chartered Surveyors. The construction phase was achieved by using a series of work packages, detailing the various stages of construction in order to use a wide base of local skilled contractors.  The main building is a Kingspan SIPS structure with additional insulation applied to both surfaces and the remaining components all follow the Passivhaus standards, including certified Passivhaus MVHR and Windows. In order to maintain construction quality and pass the air tightness test, a Clerk of Works was employed to keep control of the detailing and workmanship. The end result is a complete success and the Passivhaus certification which was carried out by the BRE proves the method and quality of workmanship is the highest ever achieved in the Channel Islands.

28th August 2012

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