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Lambeth Passivhaus development awaits planning decision

Artisits impression of Lambeth Passivhaus Scheme. Image credit: inside out architecture

A proposed new Passivhaus housing development on an unusual site in South London has been submit for planning approval by Inside Out Architecture. The development consists of 25 units. The key aim is to optimise the use of the site, but also improve and maximise the amount of amenity. 

The bulk of the accommodation lies in an efficient block next to the street, on the site of 4 existing maisonettes. It became clear that this streetside block could become a Passivhaus scheme with minimal uptake in costs, due to its efficient form and orientation.


A planning decision is expected in late 2014.

Key Team:

Architect: Inside Out Architecture

Consultant: Fabric Building Physics

Developer: Butcher and Charles

Further Information:

11th November 2014

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