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How to Build a Passivhaus: Rules of Thumb.

The Trust is currently in the midst of working on a new guidance document highlighting the key aspects of how to successfully build a Passivhaus, titled How to build a Passivhaus: Rules of Thumb. This booklet has been sponsored by Architype, Hastoe Housing Association, Kingspan, Saint Gobain and Thomas Vale, with specific chapters also sponsored by Munster Joinery and Zehnder.

The guidance will be richly illustrated on every page, using diagrams to illustrate principles and concepts, and drawings and photos to illustrate examples of practice. The content will not include design details at this stage, although this may be developed over time.

The guidance will contain the following chapters, with sub-sections being penned by industry experts in each relevant field:


Key topics



1. Introduction


Jon Bootland & Kym Mead, PHT

2. Design approach and system choices 

Examples of different approaches and build systems


Jonathan Hines, Architype

Use of PHPP and QA Process



3. Examples of design and construction: 

General guidance on the specific subjects, do's and don’ts rules of thumb with illustrations and a short case study/example on the following sub sections.


 Building fabric  

Walls, Roofs, and Floors

Bill Butcher, Green Building Store

Junctions & Thermal Bridges

Mark Siddall, LEAP

Windows & Doors



Application & testing 

Paul Jennings, ALDAS


MVHR (positioning, ducting, controls)


Alan Clarke


Heating Systems and Controls

Solar & PV

Fenestration & Shading Strategies


Nick Grant

Whole system approach 


Kym Mead, Passivhaus Trust 

 4. Construction and QA 

Experience from contractors; hands-on training, QA, commissioning etc. 

Construction and Quality Assurance

Bill Butcher, Green Building Store & Mark Siddall, LEAP

 Quality Assurance & Certification

Kym Mead, PHT

 5. Handover, maintenance and occupant comfort

Guidance for occupants, maintenance contractors


Chris Parsons, Parsons + Whittley

The contents of the publication will also be converted into a Passivhaus Wiki, based on the sub-sections of chapter 3.  The Guidance document is due to be launched at Ecobuild 2015, with the Wiki to be released later in 2015.


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26th November 2014

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