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Energy Efficiency the Passivhaus Way

The Passivhaus standard is proven to reduce energy bills and ensure clean internal air quality, qualifying it as a desirable method for our future housing stock as outlined in this article by Chris Parsons, Parsons & Whittley featured in Planning and Building Control Today.

Energy efficiency the Passivhaus way
Parsons highlights key factors to achieve Passivhaus such as accurate modelling, fabric first approach minimising thermal bridges and MVHR. He also touches upon the Wimbish project and future outlook of the Standard within the UK.

With over 30,000 Passivhaus already in Europe, the UK has been slow to start, but is now catching up rapidly. From none in 2008, we now have around 150 of them, and with over 450 on site at the moment, the trajectory looks promising. Chris Parsons, Parsons Whittley



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Planning and Building Control Today

21st November 2014

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