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13 Passivhaus homes in Crawley await planning approval

Patron member Accredited Passivhaus Design have submitted 13 Passivhaus dwellings for planning approval for Crawley Borough Council. They are the first Council homes to be built in the area in the last 30 years and are expected to be the first of many more. The development called Gales Place consists of:

  • Terrace of 3 houses with a treated floor area (TFA) of 231.7 m2

  • Terrace of 4 houses with a TFA of 332.2 m2

  • 3 storey block of 6 flats with a TFA of 362.2 m2

13 Passivhaus homes, Crawley

Gales Place is located in the Three Bridges area of Crawley, on a vacant brownfield infill site situated between local shops, a primary school and community centre. The proposed layout aims to create a new urban space in front of the community centre whilst also providing improved access to the adjacent Primary School.

Due to the narrow plots available, the houses are shallow in depth with a double fronted plan. The wide frontage allow for effective night time cross ventilation in summer and effective daylighting as the main rooms have dual aspect windows located on opposite walls.

The council housing is provided for people in housing need; Low energy use of these Passivhaus homes will make a strong contribution to reducing fuel poverty with very low bills for residents, and a knock-on benefit to the landlord of low rent arrears. Quality construction, triple glazed windows and MVHR will help to ensure durability and comfort for the future.


3 house terrace

4 house terrace

6 flats       

Thermal Energy demand(≤15kWh/m2.yr)




Thermal Energy load(≤10W/m2)




PrimaryE demand (≤120kWh/m2.yr)




Wall U-value

0.1 to 0.14

Roof U-value

0.07 to 0.12

Floor U-value

0.07 to 0.15

A planning decision is due at the end of February 2015, with the development expected on site by Summer 2015.

Visit Accredited Passivhaus Design at Ecobuild 2015 and discuss some of their other Passivhaus projects which are at the design stage and due for construction later this year:

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Rural Passivhaus, Oakleywood by Accredited Passivhaus Design


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Accredited Passivhaus Design

27th January 2015

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