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Passivhaus Institute release 'Credit Point' system for CEPH renewal

The Passivhaus Institut has recently released a new credit scoring system (CP) for the renewal of the CEPH Designer/ Consultant qualification. The CP system is similar to a CPD system where you are required to attend further Passivhaus training in order to maintain your CEPH qualification. This is an alternative system to the existing project documentation route to CEPH qualification renewal.

In order to maintain CEPH qualification, Designers and Consultants are required to achieve 100 CPs over a 5-year period. For renewal, ‘further education’ events must have Passivhaus or EnerPHit as a focal topic.

An application for renewal through CPs can only be made directly to Passivhaus Institute (PHI). Renewal is subject to a fee. The following documents should be submitted:

  • An application for renewal through CPs, stating the ID number of the further education event which is listed on the PHI website
  • Confirmation of attendance by the course provider/ organiser

UPDATE - The Trust has been in discussion with PHI since the launch of the new credit scoring system and an agreement has been reached that PHI will allocate credits for our backdated Masterclass and Conferences, where attendees will be able to claim credits which will work towards their CEPH renewal.

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Credit Points for Passivhaus Trust events

The following credit points are awarded for our events:


Masterclass series

  • Full day - up to 8CP




UK Passivhaus Conference and Expo

  • Full day - up to 16CP


Guidelines for training course delegates

  • Continuing education courses must extend beyond the content of Passivhaus Designer/Consultant courses. ie PHT Masterclasses.

  • One CP usually corresponds to one learning unit (45 minutes). Examination times do not count as learning units.

  • Online learning units and correspondence courses are acceptable.

  • Successful completion of continuing education courses for qualification as a Passivhaus Designer/Consultant or a Passivhaus Tradesperson.

  • No additional CPs will be credited for attending lectures at an event.


Guidelines for training course providers

  • Training events should be registered with PHI 4 weeks prior to the event taking place.

  • For new courses, 2 CPs will be credited for each learning unit (45 minutes). 1 CP per learning unit will be credited to the delegate in the case of a repeated course.

  • A written report about the content of the course, its agenda and its implementation must be provided for each teaching event. The reports may be published by the PHI in unchanged form.

  • Training events for the Passivhaus Designer/ Consultant certificate or the Passivhaus Tradesperson certificate offered by PHI accredited course/examination hosts will be recognised.


Further information

For more information, download the full regulations here, or visit

14th December 2016

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