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The real feel of Passivhaus: 2016 Open Days

Despite the bad weather, several visitors took up the opportunity to visit a Passivhaus earlier this month and get a first-hand experience of what it is really like to occupy one. The 2016 Passivhaus Open Days saw:



Passivhaus projects open their doors in


countries with


UK projects taking part. 


Many Passivhaus projects were open over one weekend across the globe. The UK had the third highest number of projects participating after Germany and Austria, where building to the standard is more common-place and who had over 100 schemes to visit.

International Passivhaus Open Days 2016 map

Map of Passivhaus Open Days 2016

The international event is now in its 13th year, with the UK participating since 2011. The event has steadily grown in the UK since then – reflecting a growing demand in comfortable low energy buildings and the rise of the standard within the UK, along with an increase in completed projects.

I would like to thank you personally for opening up your home and taking us through the design and build process. I found it inspirational especially, as it confirmed many of my own design principles. I spent 9+ years as a building services consultant and was always interested in using the building design and materials to help the services performance – a fact not always appreciated by architects. But when you are building to a price (low) and programme (yesterday) some cherished beliefs have to be subordinated! You, through Passivhaus techniques, have pushed my concepts to the limit and I will ponder long on what I have seen.

Whitwell House visitor

It was great to see several participating schemes that were still under construction. This provides a unique opportunity to see construction details in-situ and exposed elements of the building fabric that are usually hidden within after completion.

Catch up with some of the tweets from the event below. A selection of images can be seen on the Passivhaus trust Flickr account

#UKPHopendays and #iPHdays



Passivhaus self-build blogs

Many of the schemes are blogging about their progress and Passivhaus journey. A few are linked below:

For more inspiration on building your own Passivhaus, be sure to check out our new Passivhaus goes Personal campaign.


Thank you so much for your time, experience and hospitality. We are currently climbing a steep learning curve, and people like you who are so generous with their time and their houses are an invaluable help to us.

Whitwell House visitor

The Trust would like to thank all those that so generously took the time to open their schemes and give free tours, talks (and refreshments!) If you are thinking about building your own Passivhaus, keen to learn more on how to do it, or are encouraging clients to aim for the standard, then this is an event not to be missed.


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21st November 2016

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