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2017 Passivhaus Summer Site Visits

Call for Participants

Visit a Passivhaus in the summertime, when the weather is fine! Involved with, or occupy a Passivhaus, and proud? We are looking for Passivhaus projects to open their doors this summer. As well as running in November annually, the International Passivhaus Open Days will now also take place during summer in June for a long weekend. If you cannot make the dates of the international event, the Trust are also running a summer OpenHaus series. Unless otherwise stated, visits are free, but booking is essential.


It was good to see that people are becoming more aware of the worth of Passivhaus as a guarantee of a quality building as well as a means of providing a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient home. The Open House events are still important as no amount of reading about how good they are can compare to actually experiencing them.

Lizzie Stoodley, Cropthorne Autonomous House, Participant of 2016 Passivhaus Open Days


We are looking for UK Passivhaus projects to participate in both or either events. Projects can be at various stages from fully complete and occupied to under construction. 


International Passivhaus Open Days

UK Summer OpenHaus 2017

16 - 18 June 2017 June - August 2017
International Passivhaus Open Days 2017 OpenHaus



This is a great chance to be involved in an international event that is all about sharing Passivhaus experiences and knowledge.

Open your Passivhaus when it best suits you, anytime over summer.


All visits can be easily found from the Passivhaus Trust homepage in the left hand side menu under events and training - site visits.

Passivhaus Site Visits


We enjoyed the genuine interest by all visitors, with always very clever, interesting questions. It seems the word is slowly spreading and people think more and more about Passivhaus.

Marine SanchezLena Gardens

Further Information

2017 Mid year International Passivhaus Open Days

2017 Summer OpenHaus Series

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26th May 2017

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