Passivhaus Affiliate

Max Fordham LLP undertake ancillary electrical load research project

Have you got experience of ancillary electrical loads in Passivhaus and low-energy projects - for example: access control, CCTV, BMS systems, sensors, switching, telecoms? Max Fordham LLP would like your help for a piece of research to quantify their impact on the electrical consumption (and associated heat gain).

They are interested in:

  • The stated performance of kit shown to be suitable for low-energy and Passivhaus buildings. (On a recent Passivhaus project undertaken by Max Fordham LLP, the access control proposed was going to consume 4 times as much energy as the heating system!)

  • The real-life performance of kit, as the name-plate consumption does not always match the actual energy consumption.

  • Any surprisingly high loads you encountered on a project - regardless of whether a solution was found!

Any pointers, research, specifications, case-studies, or in-use performance figures would be very helpful to their research, of which they hope to make the findings of freely available later this year.

If you can help, please contact Matthew Smalley at

26th March 2017

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