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Bolingbroke Grove aims for Passivhaus target

Nestled in the heart of a conservation area in South London, construction is underway on a self-build three storey four-bedroom family home. The 119mdetached property sits snugly between its neighbours on an infill site, with brick render in between a timber frame to conform to strict planning & conservation regulations.

One of the main challenges for this site (an in-fill on a busy road in Clapham Junction) was access for erection of the system. As a result, we developed a small panel system which can be lifted without mechanical handling and was the perfect solution for the site.  

Ron Beattie, Beattie Passive

Given its location in a busy part of Clapham, access to the site has proved challenging for the delivery and erection of the timber frame panels, as no mechanical lifting gear could be used. This usually problematic situation merely highlighted the simplicity, flexibility and scalability of the Beattie Passive Build System, with the frame, panels and other elements manoeuvrable by hand.

Bolingbroke Grove Bolingbroke Grove
Bolingbroke Grove Bolingbroke Grove

Bolingbroke Grove - Beattie Passive

The client originally heard of Passivhaus at an open house in London which had been built to Passivhaus standards. He was  impressed with the concept and performance in comparison to a traditional build. He aspires that his new home will offer the best living environment for his young daughter and believes building a Passivhaus is the best way to do this. Even though this is a detached house, sound quality was important as it is located in a busy part of London, within close proximity to neighbours. This was another reason for choosing a pre-manufactured panel system.


The key reasons I chose to build Passivhaus with the Beattie Passive system was lower energy bills. I am very curious to see the reduction in my energy bills each month and providing a healthier environment for my family. I was particularly impressed that despite the house being built in a conservation area with tight restrictions and criteria imposed on the project, the Beattie Passive Build System could easily accommodate all these elements into the design and build solution.

Bolingbroke Grove Client

Like many self build projects, the client wanted to be very involved with the scheme, and the simplicity of the pre-manufactured system along with contractors experience at delivering Passivhaus enabled this client wish.

Bolingbroke Grove

The client at Bolingbroke Grove - Beattie Passive

The speed and simplicity of the system is great. I believe the manufacturing process is the way forward along with the accuracy and testing of the frame when delivered, adds real value to the system. I really wanted to be part of the process and have that hands-on sense of satisfaction of being truly involved with building my own home. Spending some days onsite with the team has given me a real bond with the house as I know exactly how it has all been put together. 

Bolingbroke Grove Client


Bolingbroke Grove
Keep an eye on our Partner Events where a site visit to the scheme had previously been listed.

Key Team

Client: Private

Architect: Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

Consultants: Green Peaches & Total Home Environment 

Contractor: Beattie Passive

Structural Engineer: Canham Consulting

Certifier: tbc


Further Information

Beattie Passive

10th April 2017

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