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Latest developments from the Passivhaus Institut

Here is a round up of the latest news from the Passivhaus Institut (PHI), Germany:

First Certified Passive House Tradesman exam given

Passive House Tradesman is a new programme started by the Passivhaus Institute to fill the gap in qualified construction professionals with Passivhaus know-how. The first set of exams was given on 28 January 2012 at three centres in Germany, Austria and Ireland. Later this year, after this round of pilot courses and exams as well as some fine tuning, the materials will be translated into English and the Passivhaus Institute will be looking for potential course providers. Read more on

New Passivhaus Plaque for the UK

It has been widely observed that the Germans use the English term 'Passive House' when referring to the International Standard, whereas the British use the German term 'Passivhaus'. Respecting this, the Passivhaus Institut has created an alternate version of the English language Passive House plaque for the British market that reads 'Certified Passivhaus – Passivhaus Institut'. Similar versions of the Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant logo are soon to follow.

New version PHPP 6 EN (2012)- coming soon

The new version of the English language Passive House Planning Package, PHPP 6 (2012) will be released by early Summer 2012.

The new version features:

· An import-export interface

· A separate tool for metric-IP conversion Input options for various ventilation units within one building

· A separate sheet for compact units with two heat pumps

· An improved window sheet

· A verification sheet complete with an EnerPHit option as well as the international Passive House criteria

Once released, PHPP 6 (2012) will be available for purchase under the PHPP section of the PHI website.

New content structure and articles on Passipedia

Over the past year and a half, Passipedia has grown rapidly, offering an ever-growing wealth of Passive House knowledge. In order to facilitate the ease of access to all this information, iPHA has been revising its structure and introducing a multilayer menu bar. New  introductory articles have also been published in the public area, they include Combustion heat in a Passivhaus, Insulation measures for the external envelope in a Passivhaus refurbishment and Passivhaus in retail. More detailed articles on these topics and more are available on in the member's area.

Trust members are also encouraged to join the discussions on the iPHA Forum and take part in a dynamic exchange of Passivhaus ideas- be it technical, strategic or social.

Changes to certificates for Certified Passive House Components

The Passivhaus Institute has made certificates for Certified Passivhaus Components available for download in both German and English on the Institut’s homepage . In addition to a new layout, the certificates and data sheets for window frames and curtain wall systems have been enhanced to include categorisation by energy efficiency class.

7th February 2012

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