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Sneak Peek at what to expect at the 2017 UK Passivhaus Conference

UKPHC17 2 for 1 special offer for Local Authority & Housing Associations: UK Passivhaus Conference 2017

The 2017 UK Passivhaus Conference takes place in one month. Join us on Tuesday 24th October, at the Business Design Centre in London to discover the latest in Passivhaus developments; Health & well-being, keynote projects, leading clients: all this and more. Book now to secure your place and get involved:  



Health & wellbeing, and embodied carbon

The 2017 UK Passivhaus Conference will peer into The Future of Passivhaus, to identify where the UK Passivhaus community might take Passivhaus within a low carbon future, as it continues to develop at pace!  A bumper line-up of speakers will discuss energy-efficient building solutions to meeting zero carbon targets. How does the Standard fair in the current political landscape? 

Going beyond energy-efficiency, join panel debates exploring evidence of health & wellbeing, and the amplified impact of embodied energy in low-energy buildings. The event will explore the latest keynote projects pushing Passivhaus frontiers. such as Bicester Business Centre & the University of Nottingham’s first Passivhaus - the RAD building.

RAD Building, University of Nottingham Bicester Eco Business Centre (BEBC)



Tips & Tricks from the Pros’ 

The event will get into the nitty gritty of Passivhaus detail & best practice with tech tasters delivered by Passivhaus Professionals. Learn tips and tricks on how to design out overheating, maintain quality assurance on site, and successfully delivering complex & large-scale schemes.

As expected, the programme will explore the latest Passivhaus good practice and research.  For those who are certified Passivhaus designers/consultants, the event will bolster your renewal points. The previous 1 day PHT Conferences have been accounted 8 points.



Social Housing Champions 

There are pockets of municipal Passivhaus champions, largely due to the commitment from select local authorities & housing associations who recognise the benefits of striving for low-carbon communities as a path to global sustainability. Expanding upon the Trust's Passivhaus Social campaign, a dedicated seminar stream will explore what is happening with current UK policy, financial frameworks, de-risking procurement routes and the options that have been tried and tested.

Chaired by Exeter City Council’s Emma Osmundsen, representatives from across England, Scotland & Wales will be sharing their secrets to success, and initiatives aiming at transforming the world’s built environment.

And remember that there are discounted rates for members to bring a client, so if there’s someone you’re trying to persuade to take the plunge, bring them along to be inspired! (Discount code sent in a September e-mailshot!)

St Loyes Architype Carrowbreck Meadow - Hamson Barron Smith



Meet like-minded people 

From the eco-enthusiast to the curiously intrigued -  The Conference attracts hundreds of Passivhaus industry experts, clients, policymakers and investors – all of them passionate about building sustainable futures and how UK energy efficient development can help achieve this. Exhibitors at the forefront of Passivhaus development in the UK will be showcasing components capable of meeting, & services integral to achieving the stringent Standard. Take advantage of the chance to talk directly to experienced industry experts and gain inspiration with over 25 exhibitors, project gallery exhibition, and several seminars 



Next Generation Designers 

The Passivhaus Student Competition, now in its third year, will be launching in hope of making the standard accessible for future designers & consultants. Join the festivities at the end of the conference proceedings where we will also be honouring the winners of the Passivhaus Student Competition, with the official prize giving ceremony. Great chance to find a keen graduate trainee!

Passivhaus Student Competition 2016


b o n u s

Be inspired! 

With an exciting line-up of speakers discussing a range of topics, we will bring you a day that re-fuels your enthusiasm to keep working towards a low-carbon, sustainable future with a Passivhaus methodology that is tried and tested worldwide.


A full Conference programme can be viewed at



  • General Admittance: £225.00 exc. VAT
  • PHT members: £180.00 exc. VAT
  • Partners: £200.00 exc. VAT
  • Special 2 for 1 offer (general admittance) for those working in Local Authorities/ Housing Associations

Book tickets online.


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2017 UK Passivhaus Conference

29th September 2017

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