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Free airtightness testing offer for PHT members

Build Test Solutions Ltd is an exciting new tech start-up business looking to commercialise a novel low-pressure pulse air test. Unlike the blower door fan that tests to 50 Pa, the pulse test measures properties in the low-pressure range, citing results at 4 Pa. This might potentially overcome the need to pressurise and depressurise during air testing and might have the potential to reduce errors associated with extrapolating an n50 test down to the infiltration air change rate within PHPP.

In order to help build the evidence base; for a limited period, Build Test Solutions are offering residential Passivhaus blower door airtightness testing free of charge to Passivhaus Trust members. This will be on the proviso that BTS are also able to undertake some side-by-side pulse testing during their visit, using the data to help contribute to a larger field trial exercise.

For more information about the pulse air test, please visit Should you wish to put your scheme forward, please contact Luke Smith directly via email at

23rd November 2017

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