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PHI awards first Certified Passivhaus Tradesmen certificates

The Passivhaus Institut (PHI) awarded the first ‘Certified Passive House Tradesman’ certificates on 27th February 2012. The certificates were awarded personally by Wolfgang Feist to 14 graduates in Germany.

'Certified Passive House Tradesman' is a new training programme launched by the Passivhaus Institute to fill the gap in qualified construction professionals with Passivhaus know-how. The aim of the new tradesman training course launched by the PHI, is to convey an overall impression of the interdisciplinary Passivhaus concept to tradesmen and provide the basis for a high standard of quality on site. The first set of exams were given on 28th January 2012 at three centres in Germany, Austria and Ireland. 

Similar to the ‘Certified Passivhaus Designer/ Consultant’ certificate, training courses and the examination are offered to Tradesmen by course providers that have been accredited by the PHI. After successful completion of the examination the participant will be awarded the ‘Certified Passive House Tradesman’ certificate and will be included in the list of ‘Certified Passive House Tradesman’ on the PHI website.  

Later this year, after the first round of pilot courses and exams as well as some fine tuning, the materials will be translated into English and the PHI will be looking for potential course providers. Those interested in giving the exam, the passing of which leads to certification as a Passive House Tradesman, should contact iPHA for more information. Read more on the Tradesman website here.

27th February 2012

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