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The power of policy

With great power comes great responsibility! The right policies can act as a seismic catalyst in shaping and effecting change - In Brussels, all new buildings meet Passivhaus, and Vancouver has gone from one Passivhaus certified home to over 1000 units in less than three years. Regional & devolved policy is providing opportunities for forward thinking cities to push higher efficiency & better quality; Greater Manchester, Glasgow, London and several other regions are all promoting zero carbon standards, displaying an appetite to go above and beyond current targets.

This all presents some exciting opportunities for Passivhaus in the UK as it can offer a reliable route to achieving a zero carbon building. This will be a key focus of the UK Passivhaus conference so snap up your ticket to join the debate on what zero carbon includes, and how to get there! From Vancouver, to Leeds - Our keynote speakers discuss what solutions they are each adopting.

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Passivhaus and the road to zero carbon: Keynote speaker Sean Pander

Sean Pander is responsible for the development of the zero-carbon building code at the City of Vancouver. He will describe why they focus on a fabric first approach and how Passivhaus informs and supports the code. Sean will explain the market transformation strategies such as incentives, training, and regulatory barrier removal being used to accelerate the code’s implementation. He will conclude with how the city moved from one certified home in 2015 to the over 1,100 housing units currently underway. 


What to expect

  • The latest International, national, & regional zero carbon policy approaches
  • Panel discussions examining the Standard’s role in meeting zero carbon targets highlighting how Government and clients are encouraging uptake of higher standards
  • Keynote case studies & detailed UK Passivhaus projects
  • Expert knowledge sharing and best practice
  • Networking with Passivhaus professionals, and academics.
  • Discover a dedicated exhibition of low carbon and Passivhaus components, products and services

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Passivhaus and the road to zero carbon



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21st September 2018

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