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A visit to Fishleys Passivhaus

Fishleys Passivhaus facade

Fishleys Passivhaus opened its doors as part of the “re-energise” 2018 AECB convention in September.


Talk about starting afresh… In summer 2015 owners of Fishleys decided to downsize from their family home in Worcestershire and undertake the demolition of an old barn on their plot to replace it with a Passivhaus.

The construction of this detached timber frame home, designed by PHT patron member Architype and built by main contractor Mike Whitfield Construction Ltd, began in 2016 and achieved Passivhaus certification in March 2017. 

The home was designed in close consultation with the clients. It took a sensitive approach; by making the most of the views to the Malvern Hills and the clients established garden, and through choosing a range of natural materials.

To document this project from the roof down and the ground up, the owners kept a blog with monthly updates which you can read here.

Energy Performance 



Thermal Energy Demand (≤15kWh/m².yr)


Thermal Energy Load (≤10W/m²)


Primary E Demand (≤120kWh/m².yr)


The clients are interested in testing how the project is performing in accordance to its predictions, such as how much will the temperature fluctuate, whether they overheat, and how much solar they will produce. 

Fishleys Passivhaus current temperature in building

Fishleys Passivhaus room temperature fluctuations

Fishleys Passivhaus combined temperature fluctuations

Fishleys Passivhaus from back garden

Key Stats

Number of Units: 1
Number of Occupants: 2
Treated Floor Area: 190m²
Construction: timber frame
Year of Construction: 2016
Certification Date: March 2017

Fishleys Passivhaus door Fishleys Passivhaus interior


Project Owner/Client: Private Client
Architect & Consultants: Architype
Certifier: Mead: Energy & Architectural Design Ltd.
Mechanical Engineers: Alan Clarke

Fishleys Passivhaus with people

Further Information

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More info on Archityoe's website here.

Fishleys Build Blog

All images ©Juraj Mikurcik.

17th September 2018

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