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PHT response to the Part L consultation

PHT members may be aware that the Government is now consulting on the future of Building Regulations Part L which set energy standards for new and refurbished buildings. 

The Future Homes Standard: changes to Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations for new dwellings

The Trust is developing a response in collaboration with other industry bodies and are offering members an opportunity to have their say. We propose:

  1. The ‘notional building model’ should be replaced with a series of definitive Energy Use Intensity (EUI) targets in kWh/m2.year for space heating, hot water and overall energy demand at the meter. Building performance should be measured in terms of energy rather than carbon as changing carbon factors constantly move the goalposts.
  2. We recommend that, in addition to an enhanced compliance regime, actual performance measurement form a part of future regulations along with declarations that the build is in accordance with design/Part L so that the industry can start working to close the performance gap now.
  3. We want clear future energy targets for both retrofit & newbuild from 2020 through to 2030 so the industry can start preparing. 
  4. MVHR/MEV systems should be the default ventilation mechanism in all new homes. Natural ventilation in the UK climate does not achieve adequate levels of indoor air quality. 
  5. Local Authorities should be allowed and encouraged to go beyond statutory building regulations to set higher standards and their own energy demand targets as long as the development remains feasible.
  6. Passivhaus could be used as an alternative compliance route to Building Regulations.
  7. To ensure robust cost-effective routes to net-zero carbon, energy-efficiency measures should be prioritised prior to adding renewables.

PHT members are invited to email any comments or any additional suggestions before 27th November:


Further Information

The Future Homes Standard: changes to Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations for new dwellings




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13th November 2019

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