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Passivhaus Homes on Ashden win

Congratulations to PHT member Passivhaus Homes who won the 2020 Ashden Award for Sustainable Built Environments in the UK. Joining the Ashden family, past winners include the Passivhaus Trust, The National Trust, The Centre of Alternative Technology, and a whole host of others.


I once said that I would feel a greater sense of achievement winning an Ashden Award than if I won the Stirling Prize for architecture. Today we can announce that Passivhaus Homes and the PH15 System has achieved that coveted accolade. (And I must add that I was never in the running for the Stirling Prize)!

Jae Cotterell, Director, Passivhaus Homes


In an impassioned article following the win, Jae says "we need to grasp the economic co-benefits of investment in low and zero carbon solutions across all sectors. COVID gave many of us a life pause, and time to consider... We do not need to embrace a poorer quality future to address climate change, we can build a better future, a more intelligent and enlightened one. In our business we see a variety of significant beneficial outcomes from building low or net zero carbon homes. These include the proven health benefits around better air quality – and with COVID 19, so much more aggressive to those with asthma, this should now be properly valued. Other benefits around improved thermal comfort are great for everyone, but for those who live with fuel poverty, what a life quality upgrade to never need worry about being cold again....Low carbon solutions offer a beneficial solution for life"

Read Jae's full article on what the win means for Passivhaus Homes here.

We now have less than ten years to change the way we live and travel and work. Ashden is an annual call to be inspired and to utilise whatever agency we have, to bring about change. Watch the 2020 Ashden Award Winners, online now.


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Passivhaus Homes - 2020 Ashden Award winner

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6th July 2020

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